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WordPress with this Quick 5-step guide (2018) Create a business website


Especially, looking at all the advantages of having your business represented by an online website, and how it so easy and affordable with the technologies like WordPress, you should get on your right foot instantly if you don’t already have one.

Because creating a business website is always one of the decisions that will help you acquire more clients. It is the easiest way to let your clients reach you easily.

Here are the five simple steps that you can follow to get your business website created on your own, within 30 minutes.

Ready to make a website in 2018? Thanks to advances in technology and programming, creating a website today is far easier than it was at the turn of the century. This is especially true if you pick the right platform.

In reality, you don’t even need to know how to develop code such as HTML or PHP. However, learning these elements later could help you customize your site to your liking. In the long run, though, even the most novice of website developers can create something spectacular.

In this guide, I am going to show you how to make a website using some of the best tools on the Internet. By the time you’re done, you will have an online presence ready for visitors.

First… Picking a Website Building Platform

Unlike the days of old, you don’t need to manually code a website to make something amazing. In fact, you can choose from a myriad of platforms to help you construct a website without entering a single line of code.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Platform

Choosing the right platform is going to center around your own desires. Do you want to build an online store to sell goods? Are you looking to entertain others with your blog? It’s all a matter of what you want to share with the world.

Offering Mobile Integration

More than 50% of users on the Internet are mobile. If you want to build a successful website, you need to make sure your site is ready for smartphones. Some website builders offer easier and more efficient ways to create sites for both desktops and mobile devices.

Your Level of Coding

Content management systems come in all forms. Some are easier to use for beginners while others are more geared for advanced online coding. Your current level of skill is going to drive which platform will be the best for you.

Access to Support

Don’t feel bad if you need help building your site. Everyone starts from the beginning, and the platform you choose may or may not have the best support system. If you need help, you want to know that assistance is easy to access.

So, What Kind of Platforms are Available?

The Internet is full of development platforms to build websites. The hardest part is picking which one will suit your needs the best. Here are just a few I find the most useful.

  • WordPress
    WordPress is by far my favorite content management system. It can act as a blog, eCommerce site or even a community hub if you want to create a social channel.
  • Joomla
    Joomla is a good system that is almost as flexible as WordPress. The biggest difference is the amount of coding you’ll need to learn to make certain adjustments.
  • Drupal
    Drupal is a decent system, but it requires far more coding and has less support than systems like WordPress. It’s more difficult to set up and organize as opposed to WordPress or Joomla.
  • Prestashop
    Prestashop is a platform designed specifically for eCommerce. It’s a good system with a free license. However, some additions can be quite costly to add later on.
  • CubeCart
    Another eCommerce platform, CubeCart offers a great deal of flexibility and options to get started. Like Prestashop, though, it also can cost a lot to add new features.

This is only a handful of the systems you can use. At GreenGeeks, we use Softaculous. It’s loaded with different kinds of website builders you can add with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

If you’re new to website development, I suggest using WordPress. It’s the easiest to use and often faster when creating a new website.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most versatile website building platforms on the Internet. You can customize it to be virtually anything you need. It’s flexibility and ease of use are reasons why it controls nearly 60% of the marketshare for content management systems.

Choose a FREE design based on your profession

As decided earlier, we’ll go for WordPress for creating your business website.

Why WordPress is best for creating your business website

  1. WordPress is free
  2. It is really easy to use
  3. You have abundant themes(that are like ready-made websites that you can update and personalize)
  4. You also have plugins (Install them and add more features to your website)
  5. It is open source (You can do almost anything by tweaking the code files)
  6. Very manageable which makes maintaining and updating your site easy

And now that we know WordPress is just perfect for your business website, it’s time to choose a theme.

Get yourself a professional website template

Represent your business online with an impressive website. Here are the WordPress templates designed to let you do so.

We have templates that will suit any kind of business. These templates can be used for any profession, business, agency or company.

See the best business website templates

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