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You Can Create website With WordPress 35+ Type Of Websites


It is very easy to create a WordPress website. but WordPress is no longer a simple blogging tool, Now it is a very powerful Content Management System. You can use WordPress to build different type of websites very easily.
Continue reading this article to learn what type of websites, You can create with WordPress (Plugins + Themes).

WordPress was started as a blogging platform and most people used WordPress to set up a simple blog quickly.
ou can create almost any type of website with WordPress with minimum technical knowledge. If you know the basics of WordPress, how to install and set up WordPress Plugins then you can create the different type of websites with WordPress very easily.
WordPress is not a simple blogging platform, you can turn your simple WordPress website into a powerful website with so many advanced themes and plugins.

For example, If you want to sell your products online, you can create an e-commerce website with WordPress and free or premium e-commerce plugins.

any Kind Of Website You Can Build With WordPress?

I am going to In this article, list some popular plugins that allow you to create the different type of websites with WordPress without advance technical knowledge.

1. Personal Blog Or Website
2. Business Websites
3. Social Networking Websites Like Facebook
4. Online Discussion Forums
5. E-Commerce Website
6. News Websites
7. Questions and Answers websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers
8. Wiki Sites Like WikiPedia
9. Classified Add Websites
10. Job Boards
11. Membership Websites
12. Micro Blogging Like Twitter
13. Build Review Website With WordPress
14. Start A Classifieds Site
15. Build A Directory With WordPress
16. Consumer Reviews Websites
17. Local Business Directory
18. Static Website With WordPress
19. Photo Gallery
22. Build Real Estate Websites with WordPress


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